Publication Ethics

The article should be genuine and novel research work and the rights of all individuals and organizations that contributed in the article should be considered.

Authorship and publication ethics

This journal is following of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and complies with the highest ethical standards in accordance with ethical laws.

 For publishing an article in The Journal of Food Research and Technology, authors are expected to consider the following guidelines and subjects.


Authors who publish articles in  The Journal of Food Research and Technology agree with the following issues:

  1. Authors should certify that they did not submit the article to other journals and will not send it to another journal until the status of the article is clarified in the journal of Animal Science Researches.
  1. Authors will take the scientific and legal responsibility of all the subjects presented in this article and if necessary, they will respond to the related authority.
  2. Authors grant The Journal of Food Research and Technology right of the first publication of the work licensed under a CC BY, which allows sharing of the article with the proper citation of the authors and the journal.
  3. Authors are encouraged to post their article online in order to increase citation of published articles.
  4. Authors are required to fill out and sign the conflict of interest and copyright form in the instruction for authors section.



All submitting articles should be a novel and original work of the authors. The submitted articles should not and will not be considered for publication in other journals either in Persian or any other languages. All the authors are responsible for the originality of the work. Also, previously rejected articles from the journal of Animal Science Research should not be submitted again in this journal. However, resubmission with clear justifications and explanations to chief editor is possible.


3-Conflict of Interest

  1. All authors named as the co-authors of the article should be aware of the full text of the article and its submission to this journal.
  2.  All authors should be acknowledged and authors' list should fairly reflect authors' individual contributions.
  3. Author's name and their order should not be changed after the submission of the article.
  4.  Authors should acknowledge financial supporters of the article.
  1. Any changes in the institution of the authors should be informed to the Editor in Chief before publication of the article.
  2. Authors are required to introduce three referees for the article, though there is no promises to send the article to the mentioned referees.
  3. All articles from authors working or studying at the University of Tabriz will be reviewed by referees from outside institutions.
  4. Authors are required to fill out and sign the conflict of interest and copyright form in the instruction for authors section.



The Journal editorial boards of Animal Science Research are responsible for evaluating the presence of plagiarism in articles (English articles evaluate by iThenticate and Persian articles evaluate by samimnoor). Authors are required to write a letter of anti-plagiarism declaration to the chief editor at the time of submission. In this letter, author should declare that article is extracted from the results of his/her own work. Also, citation, acknowledgements, and quotations used properly in case of reporting work of others (books, articles, dissertations, etc.). Also, it should be mentioned that the article was not published already and it is not under evaluation for publication elsewhere.


Plagiarism issues for an article under the following cases:

  • Copying and pasting without proper citation
  •  Inserting the author/ authors' names who have no role in the article.
  • Reporting the outcome and results of others to his/her own work.
  • Reporting unreliable data, manipulate data, or false results.
  • Copying or repeating the most significant part of another article.
  • Purchasing another person’s text and using it as your own.
  • Putting your name on another person’s manuscript.

In case of observing plagiarism in an article, based on the level of plagiarism, the editor in chief of the journal will legally pursue the following actions:

  1. Rejecting and in case of publication, removing the article from the journal site.
  2. Considering author/ authors' names in the blacklist of the journal of Animal Science Researches.
  3. Informing and reporting the author/ authors' names to the Ministry of Science and Information Technology, journals, institutes, and universities.