About Journal

In accordance with the policies of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology that requires specialization of the country's scientific journals, the present journal “Food Research and Technology” is a specialized branch in the field of food science and technology, which was derived from a former journal, named “Knowledge of Agriculture”. The license of Food Research journal was finalized in June, 2009 and authorized to Faculty of Agriculture, University of Tabriz. In order to respect the history of this journal and appreciate the countless effort of all the people who worked to establish and publish of the journal since 1985, the title of “Knowledge of Agriculture” is also inserted on the cover of the journal. This journal in the field of food science and technology was published twice a year, and following the overwhelming receive of articles from venerable scholars and academics, the journal is being published seasonally (four times a year). It is noteworthy that the journal has succeeded in obtaining the Impact Factor from ISC (Islamic World Science Citation Center) and also cited in Scientific Information Database (SID), Iranian Magazine Database (Magiran), and the CAB International Global Health. In order to reduce the time interval between submission and publication of the articles, and facilitate submitting and tracking the status of the articles, all the related process are conducted electronically. For respecting the researchers and readers, the editorial board of the journal considers any corrective ideas and suggestions.